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Pocket Computer

Our Pocket Computer features a compact 5" HD screen with touchpad and keyboard which fits well in the palm of your hand and in your pocket. It has a battery life of 8 to 10 hours use and can charge in less than 40 minutes.

The ePC comes preloaded with software and includes over 50GB of educational content ready for you to study.

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Desktop Computer

The eDC is an affordable desktop computer fully loaded with software so you can make the most of your life.

Featuring a low energy footprint and the opportunity to include a batterypack and up to 3TB harddrive.

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Solar Charger

With our Solar Battery Charger S1, you can easily charge your ePC and other devices. 6 hours of sunlight charges enough for 20 hour power on the pocket computer.

The perfect off-grid solution enabling students in areas without stable electricity to keep their pocket computer powered up and gain more knowledge.

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Free Operating System

Our operating system is based on the same core that government agencies such as the US department of defence uses. It is safe and reliable.

You get access to 10,000 thousand open source and closed source programs, all through an easy Software Store, and best of all, every software is free to use.

Updated regularly to give you the best experience and options to choose your own design if you want to.

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Created in Norway

The ePC, eDC and S1 was conceived in Norway with the vision to bring computers pre-loaded with educational tools to students around the world empowering them to learn and become innovators.


Each pocket computer is pre-loaded with thousands of hours of learning material software for programming. And we will keep implementing and updating the Computers with more educational tools.

Customer Support

When you purchase products from eCompX you get access to our Owner Dashboard for updates and support. If you have any questions or suggestions for new features, we welcome you to use the Owner Dashboard.